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A whole new approach for protecting your valuable Tubes.

Revision "A" Board

Revision "B" Board

63mm x 31mm

revision "C" Board !!!

revision "D" Board !!!, Now shipping

You know that applying high voltage to your tubes BEFORE they have reached their working temperature causes cathode stripping, You are also aware that new made tubes are more delicate than NOS tubes, and that NOS tubes are getting more and more expensive ...

You also know that installing a device preventing this disease is cumbersome, and expensive, such as installing a pcboard with relay and transformer. yes, drilling a hole to put a standby switch into the valuable, mint faceplate is a crazy idea .
Or you can drill a big one inch hole to put a tube as a delay , but hey, you also need to put another transformer, 6D22 or 5AR4 draws a LOT of current.
Yes, you know all that, but you still have your amp with a superb diode powersupply, but you are threatening the life of your tubes, the output tubes more than all.

This tiny PCB, has only TWO terminals, and it goes in series of the HV supply. No need for cable runs, transformers or relays and no conection to ground.

This circuit contains a SCR, that once triggered after 40 seconds, makes all other components electrically dissapear from the electronic circuit. This SCR, once triggered to the ON state will drop 0.7 volts of your power supply. (less than 0.1 %)

Out of the shelf, this circuit works in amplifiers with a HV of 350-600, but it can be easily modified for lower voltages, or by changing some components, it will work on a 1200 HV

I have developed the revision "C" board now, which features a better and smaller layout, and just one Optodiac with better specifications, which ensures perfect working conditions reducing the LED current issued by the 555 circuit.

Revision "D" is made with a better material(and it's red).
And has also the option to handle over 900 Volts. (ask for details)

Cost of Board with shipping

If you need more than one board, you can ask for an invoice, or buy several with the button, the exra shipping will be reimbursed

AudioXpress Article Aug, 2001
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