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The Williamson amplifier
the original article from Wireless World, 1947
An Ultra-Linear Amplifier
by David Hafler & Herbert I. Keroes, Audio Engineering November 1951
The Mullard 20-watt amplifier
(1961) Complete description of how to build this classic design including detailed circuit description, diagrams and parts list
A traveller's report on The British Audio Establishment
by Norman Eisenberg, High Fidelity Magazine, April 1965 - A fascinating look at Britain's leading manufacturers as seen by a visiting US journalist!
Mullard EL34: A New 25 W Audio Output Pentode
published by Mullard Ltd, 1952
High Fidelity Power Amplifiers - design aspects
published in Radio Electronics, May 1956
Modifying the Leak Stereo Twenty
an article by Geoff Kremer of Service Sound, UK (including circuit diagrams)
Valve Amplifiers - do they really sound different?
an excerpt from an Australian Hi-Fi magazine, 1977 discussing the relative merits of valve and solid state technologies
The Institute of High Fidelity Announces New Standards for amplifiers
An article on new measurements and revised test techniques by Daniel von Recklinghausen, HiFi/Stereo Review, January 1966
Stereo - Why Bother?
An amusing article by Jack Baya taken from HI-FI TAPE RECORDING, December 1956
The Business that did not exist
an interview with Avery Fisher taken from High Fidelity Magazine, October 1962