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First off, I'd like to extend my appreciation to the very talented Rich Wahlez for his input on graphic design and layout of this CD-ROM.

One of the most difficult aspects of putting this project together was sourcing high-quality images of classic amplifiers. I would like to thank Barry Nachman for his generous supply of digital pictures from his wonderful collection of classic U.S. hi-fi equipment. Special thanks must also go to Alex Rubli for his contribution of a significant number of the schematic diagrams and manuals that appear on this CD.

Many others generously provided pictures, original material, advice and information during the compilation of this CD-ROM. I would like to thank all of the following:

Kate Andrews-Day, Colin Braddock, Brian DelMastro, Steve Duckworth, Matt Hardy, Maria Inglis, Barry Jones, Geoff Kremer, Cal McCormick, Mark Malkin, Chong Ong, Stuart Perry, Rick Phillips, Kevin Prendergast, Keith Snook, Paul Stephenson, George West, Edward Widdowson and all of the anonymous eBay sellers who kindly gave me permission to use their auction pictures.

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