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The original Vintage Tape Recorder CD-ROM
$US 29.95 (plus $5 airmail)
The Contemporary Classics CD
$US 27.95 (plus $5 airmail)
The Just Tandberg CD-ROM
$US 22.95 (plus $5 airmail)

Features tape recorders from the beginning of modern recording (1940) up until the end of the 'Golden Era' (1967).

Contains more than 2,000 pictures, descriptions and specifications of over 400 recorders with 125 circuit diagrams. more than 60 vintage test reports, historical articles, magazine ads and sample Owner's manuals.

Covering reel to reel tape recorders from the beginning of 1968 to the present. with over 1,000 pictures and descriptions of 270 recorders.

Specifications, 30 circuit diagrams, 21 Owner's manuals, 50 vintage test reports, vintage ads and much more.

Includes such classics as Revox B77mk II complete with 32 page user manual and Teac's X-1000R with 47 page service manual.

The complete Tandberg Tape recorder range, from the 1952 model 1 to the 1977 TD20 A.

33 models, over 450 pages and 550 pictures. Includes 14 user manuals, 16 schematics, test reports, catalogues, a rare 52 page Tandberg Company Book from 1968 and more.
Please note - Whilst Tandberg are adequately represented on both the Vintage and Contemporary Classics CDs, this CD has unique material

Prices are current as of August 2006 and may differ after that date.
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