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Parts (USA)

Angela Instruments All types of components (Maryland)

Antique Electronic Supply has a huge range of components: tubes, capacitors, cages, schematics etc

ATSI Advantage Tube Services Buy tubes on line - a huge selection

Doug's Vacuum Tubes quality tubes (Levittown, NY)

Heyboer Transformers can supply new replacement and custom audio transformers for vintage audio equipment ( Grand Haven, Michigan)

Parts (United kingdom) are an on-line seller of vintage audio and radio supplies selling all types of components including tubes, transformers


Kadelectronics   is a Chinese-based supplier of tubes, capacitors, switches etc. They also sell amplifier kits

Repairs/restoration (USA)

NOS Valves Craig Ostby specialises in tube amplifier repair, restoration and modification (Burton, MI)

Urban Radio& Vintage Hi-Fi Mike Urban sells and restores vintage equipment (Farfield, Connecticut. )

Vaccuum Tube Valley sales, restoration, modifications locations (New York - Tri-State, Northern California and Texas South-West states)

Hot Glass Audio dedicated to the repair, modification, and restoration of vintage, vacuum tube audio electronics (Washington PA)

Vintage Amplifier Restoration Service for restoration & component upgrades located (Hattiesburg, MS)

Repairs/restoration (United Kingdom)

Servicesound   Geoff Kremer specialises in valve (tube) amplifier repair, restoration design and manufacture (South Coast)

Argiriadis Analogue Electronics specializes in the repair, and upgrade of valve and solid state audio (London)

The Vintage Amp Doctor repairs to all vintage audio equipment (London)

Vintage Vet Neil Fairley specializes in the servicing, repair and restoration of valve equipment (Leicester)