Pilot SA-232 stereo power amplifier
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Taken from High Fidelity Magazine, April 1959

This stereophonic amplifier is for all intents and purposes two completely independent power amplifiers on a single chassis. Only the power supply is common to both channels; all other parts are duplicated from end to end.

It is equipped with two standard AC power outlets which turn on or off with the amplifier, and it has a special four-pin AC outlet for a record changer or turntable. It is adequately fused, and appears to be designed sufficiently within the ratings of its components so as to assure long, trouble-free life. In addition to its AC outlets, it is equipped with a power supply outlet socket which provides heater and B+ power for Pilot's SP-210 stereo preamplifier.

Our sample SA-232 met its power specifications with ease, and its hum level was so far below the limit of audibility that it could justifiably be called nonexistent.

Over-all sound was clean and well balanced, with no tendency to emphasize or de-emphasize any part of the audio spectrum, and with tight, moderately well-defined bass. Middles and highs were subtly soft and velvety rather than startlingly lucid.

All in all, this ranks with the finest amplifiers in its price and power class. An excellent buy for the tightly-budgeted stereophile.