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This CD-Rom contains data from various publications, so you may need to hunt for the relevant data. If the manufacturer of the device is listed try that section first. Otherwise try the Wireless World data sections. For Military devices, find the commercial equivalent in the RSGB or Babani lists. If you can establish a Mullard equivalent you will find that the Mullard data is the most comprehensive.

Mullard Maintenance Manual
This manual was published in the mid-50's, and update supplements were issued until at least the mid-60's. The manual provides data and base connection details for nearly 500 Mullard devices. It also contains a list of Mullard direct equivalents for other manufacturers devices.

Mullard Data Book 1970
This data book was published in 1970, and as such carries on from where the Maintenance Manual finishes. It also contains information on early semiconductors (transistors and diodes). The data from this book is combined with that from the Maintenance Manual on this CD-Rom.

The Osram Wireless Guide
This fascinating booklet was published around 1928.
It contains full data sheets on early Osram devices, as well as general usage and circuit information which is interesting primarily for historic reasons.

The Osram Valve Guide
This Osram booklet was published in 1938, around ten years later than the one above. It is interesting to compare the styles of the two books, and the information included. Unfortunately our copy of the booklet is missing a couple of pages.

Brimar Mains Miniature Valves
This data booklet, published in 1949, contains data on the range of Brimar all-glass B7G (7-pin) and Noval (9-pin) valves available at that time. These devices are directly interchangeable with American valves having similar numbers.

Brimar Radio Valves and Teletubes
The exact publication date of this chart is unknown, although we believe it was around 1951 or 1952. It covers a greater range of devices than the Mains Miniature Valves booklet above. However the data on each device is more limited, and it is presented in a tabular form.

Brimar Special Quality Valves
This data book contains data on the range of Brimar 'Special Quality' Valves, together with a list of commercial and CV equivalents. 'Special Quality' valves are designed for use in equipment which must operate reliably and efficiently under exceptional conditions.

Emitron Valves and Cathode Ray Tubes
Another chart of unknown publication date, but believed to be from the early 50s. This gives data and base connections for valves and CRTs in tabular form, together with a list of equivalents covering devices from several manufacturers.

Cossor Valves
Yet another chart of unknown publication date, this one is believed to be from the mid 40s. This gives data and base connections for valves in tabular form, together with a list of equivalents. This chart is on poor condition, so a few figures may be illegible.

Wireless World Radio Valve Data
This book contains basic characteristics and base connection details for about 4,800 valves, transistors, rectifiers and CRTs, manufactured by the major British manufacturers. Data on American devices is also included, as is a comprehensive equivalents list. This is the 1961 edition.

Wireless World Valve Data Supplements
These valve data supplements were published with the August 1938 and May 1940 editions of Wireless World magazine. The information is similar to that in the Wireless World data book above, but includes many earlier types which have been left out of the data book.

Electrical & Radio Trading - Transistors
This Service Chart was published with the May 14 1955 edition of Electrical & Radio Trading - before transistors were commonly used. It gives general information regarding the use of transistors, as well as data on transistors from various manufacturers.

RSGB Service Valve Equivalents
This handbook contains a comprehensive list of Service (CV) Valves with their commercial equivalents. Also included are British Army, Navy, and Air Force devices, with details of the numbering schemes. GPO and US Signal Corps Valves are listed too.

Bernard Babani Radio Valve Equivalents
Although this book contains an equivalents list it has not been included as it merely duplicates information already included. However I have included the American valve substitution table, the VT-RMA and RMA-VT cross-references, and the ballast valve numbering codes.

Valve Numbering Systems
This section explains the Pro-Electron/Mullard, GEC, Mazda, early British, American RMA, and Special Quality valve numbering schemes. The information has been compiled from a number of sources, including 'Radio Bygones' magazine No. 9 (February/March 1991).

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