The data on this CD-Rom has been scanned from several sources which are shown in the table on the Main Title page. By following the links in this table you can look at the information from each book separately.

The interface you are using is similar to that used on Internet web sites. If you are not familiar with the Internet don't worry, it's very straightforward! Any text that is underlined like this is a link. If you put your mouse pointer over it and click you will be taken to another page. To get back to where you came from, either use the link on the new page, or use the 'Back' button at the top of the window. As most pages are longer than the screen, you can use the scroll bar on the right, or the arrow keys on the keyboard, to move up and down the page.

On this CD, any text in this  fixed pitch font  is taken directly from the relevant data book. You may find it helpful to enlarge the viewer window to full screen size.

The viewer program supplied on this CD-Rom is rather slow, particularly when viewing larger scanned pages. It will get there in the end though (it hasn't crashed)!

The data on the CD is in standard HTML format, as used on the Internet. If you have an Internet connection your existing Internet browser (such as 'Netscape Navigator' or 'Microsoft Internet Explorer') may be used to view the CD-Rom, and will give improved speed of operation. Just open the DATA.HTM file in the root directory of the CD in your browser. If you do not have an Internet connection or a suitable browser installed, please see the README.TXT file for information about using one of the browsers supplied on the CD.

Readme.txt File

I am constantly looking for other valve data books to enhance this CD-Rom. If you have a book you feel should be included, and are prepared to lend it to me, please let me know. In return for the loan of a data book I will be pleased to supply a free copy of the updated CD-Rom. I would like to thank Peter Foden for supplying and scanning the Wireless World magazine supplement data and the Osram booklet, as well as supplying several other data books.

If you wish to be informed when updated CD's are released, please let me know. If I already have your email address I will contact you automatically. If you do not have email please send me a Stamped Addressed Envelope (SAE) or an International Reply Coupon (IRC) and I will post the next update notification to you. My contact details are at the bottom of this page. Updates will be offered at a reduced price, but will be subject to the original CD being returned in good condition (the new data will generally be added to the same disk).

The data on this CD-Rom is believed to be accurate, however no liability can be accepted for any errors. Should any errors be found I would be pleased to receive details.

The HTML viewer program (contained in the 'VIEWER' directory) is taken from the 'U-Net Easy Internet Access' CD-Rom. The Windows 95 menu program, and the START.EXE program are adapted from programs taken from the 'Creative Labs Soundblaster 16' CD-Rom.

The copyright in the data on this CD-Rom is held by the publishers of the publications indicated. This CD-Rom has been produced by, and is copyright, Paul Stenning.

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Postal Address: 1 Chisel Close, Hereford, HR4 9XF, England

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