The Osram
Wireless Guide

Note that pages 47, 48 and 49 have been omitted as they only contained tuning tables intended to be filled out by the owner of the book.

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Page 1Foreword
Page 2The Osram valve filament coating
Page 3What the coating does
Page 4How to use your valves
Page 5How to choose your valves
Page 6Getting "Range"
Page 7Getting "Quality"
Page 8Operating from AC lighting mains
LT Supply
Page 9Operating from AC lighting mains
HT Supply
Page 10Operating from DC lighting mains
Page 11Lamps for charging HT and LT accumulators
Page 12How to keep your set in order
Page 13How to keep your set in order (continued)
If your set gives trouble.
Page 14Valves for 2-Volt accumulators
Page 15Valves for 6-Volt accumulators
Page 16Valves for 4-Volt accumulators
Page 17Valves for AC mains
Page 18Valves recommended for
Typical circuit (Det, 2 x LF)
Page 19Valves recommended for
Typical circuit (HF, Det, 2 x LF)
Page 20Valves recommended for
Typical circuit (SG-HF, Det, LF)
Page 21Valves recommended for
Typical circuit (2 x SG-HF, Det, LF)
Page 22Valve type S215
Page 23Valve type HL210
Page 24Valve type DEH210
Page 25Valve type DEL210
Page 26Valve type DEP215
Page 27Valve type DEP240
Page 28Valve type DEH410
Page 29Valve type DEL410
Page 30Valve type DEP410
Page 31Valve type P425
Page 32Valve type S625
Page 33Valve type HL610
Page 34Valve type DEH610
Page 35Valve type DEL610
Page 36Valve type DEP610
Page 37Valve type P625A
Page 38Valve type P625
Page 39Valve type LS5 and LS5A
Page 40Valve type KHI and KLI
Page 41Valve type H8, HL8 and P8
Page 42Valve type U5
Page 43Valve type U8
Page 44Valve type PT235
Page 45Valve type PT235 (continued)
Page 46British Broadcast Stations
Table of Wavelengths September 1928
Page 50Principal European Continental
Broadcasting Stations
Page 51Principal European Continental
Broadcasting Stations (continued)
Principal Short Wave Stations
Page 52Osram Valves Price List

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